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Since 2009, we have been keeping up with business trends and implementing best practices in the consulting industry. We eagerly offer you our expert assessment and assist in implementing the most effective solutions for your business.

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  • LLC “QUARTSIT DM” – develops the Vasylkiv quartzite deposit, which is located in the Sinelnyky district of the Dnipropetrovsk region, 5 km from the village. Vasylkivka

    The products of the quarry are metallurgical quartzite for the production of ferroalloys and dynastic products, as well as building rubble, quartzite mixtures, refractory lining masses.

  • “Avtopapa” is the largest car market in the Caucasus, located 20 minutes from the capital of Georgia, in the city of Rustavi. You can buy a car from the 6,000 on the market today. You will be accompanied on site by an experienced consultant who will help you save time, ensure safety, and help check, issue and deliver the car to Ukraine.

    You can order a remote Escort service. The consultant will select the option that suits you, check, arrange and deliver the car to your home.

  • “Europe plus Dnipro” is the largest player on the local radio market. The radio station is the leader in the Dnipropetrovsk region both in terms of audience volume and advertising market share.

    TRC Scythia provides advertising placement services on the radio station “Europe plus Dnipro” and has the experience of an advertising agency, which allows you to provide a full range of services for the promotion of your products/services.

  • The largest hardware factory in Ukraine for the production of various types of nets and wires PJSC “Garant Metiz Invest” with production facilities in the city of Zhovti Vody, Dnipropetrovsk region. has the technical capabilities to manufacture military gabions from galvanized wire of its own production and supply them for defense needs.

    Pre-assembled gabion, with geotextile and prefabricated spring lock, in various sizes that can be deployed in seconds and filled with local soil.

  • Public joint-stock company “Zhydachiv pulp and paper mill” is one of the leaders of the pulp and paper industry of Ukraine! With 70 years of professional experience and a desire for further development, based on modern market trends and marketing research, the plant produces environmentally safe packaging and paper products.

    Zhydachiv plant is a powerful enterprise with a complete closed cycle of production from the processing of secondary raw materials to the production of paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, corrugated and cast containers, office paper.

  • Private joint-stock company “Izmail Pulp and Cardboard Combine” is one of the largest enterprises of the pulp and paper industry of Ukraine.

    This is a plant with a full cycle of production from processing of secondary raw materials (waste paper), production of paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard to the production of a wide range and variety of corrugated containers and cardboard-paper sleeves. The plant offers promising consumer packaging solutions that meet the requirements of the domestic and international market.